Thursday, July 28, 2011

AMC Network Announces Online Division, Will Develop Shows For The Web

AMC Network has announced AMC Digital Studios, a new online division to introduce web shows from new and developing filmmakers. It will begin with THE TRIVIAL PURSUITS OF ARTHUR BANKS, a series co-written and directed by Peter Glanz and starring Adam Goldberg with Jeffrey Tambor.

The series will debut Aug. 22 on and on the free, ad-supported, AMC announced Thursday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

Here's the press release:

Beverly Hills, CA - July 29, 2011 – AMC announced today from the Television Critics Association Summer 2011 Press Tour that the network is launching AMC Digital Studios, an online destination to incubate and to develop web series from up-and-coming talent to be showcased at The division serves as both a laboratory to develop future content for AMC TV and also a destination to produce web series that have the same high-quality storytelling for which our television series have become known. The first web series launching is called THE TRIVIAL PURSUITS OF ARTHUR BANKS. It is co-written and directed by Peter Glanz and stars Adam Goldberg as Arthur Banks with Jeffrey Tambor. THE TRIVIAL PURSUITS OF ARTHUR BANKS is about 40 minutes in length and premieres as a co-release on and on the free, ad-supported on August 22nd.

“AMC Digital Studio provides an opportunity to extend our brand to the web, and to nurture great young writers and directors in a unique way,” said Joel Stillerman, AMC’s svp of original programming, production and digital content. “For our first web series we are very excited to have found an incredible piece of material from Peter Glanz who is truly an original filmmaker with a very unique voice. ‘Trivial Pursuits’ is a great piece of storytelling in a format that is incredibly well suited for the web and on brand for AMC.”

THE TRIVIAL PURSUITS OF ARTHUR BANKS tells the story of Arthur Banks (Adam Goldberg) as a successful theater director that stages an elaborate play that mirrors his dysfunctional love life. Aided by his therapist (Jeffrey Tambor), and the actors within his meta-life, Arthur attempts to unsort the complex issues that occur each time he falls in love.

Peter Glanz serves as creator, co-writer, director and executive producer. His 2008 short film A Relationship in Four Days premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and subsequently was featured at Cannes’ Critics' Week. It has been adapted into a feature film, which is being filmed in October. His short film, The Dinner Party, had its International Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2010. Neda Armian (Rachel Getting Married, The Truth About Charlie, Jimmy Carter Man from Plains and the upcoming Predisposed with Jesse Eisenberg and Tracy Morgan) is executive producer. Juan Iglesias serves as co-writer and executive producer.

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