Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Don't Miss Historic ALL MY CHILDREN Celebration July 27th-31st

You may have attended fan events in the past, you may have met some of your favorite stars at parties or fundraisers. But one thing for sure, you have never had the chance in daytime television history to meet and greet with the stars of a canceled show that has been saved by the Internet!

This year's ALL MY CHILDREN fan events, on July 27th-31st, in Studio City, California,  promises to be one of the most fun and fascinating gatherings in the show's history.  What originally seemed to be a weekend of tears and tribulations has turned out to be a time of laughter and celebration, thanks to the news that ALL MY CHILDREN will be continuing online.  Who will be continuing on the show? What will the new format look like?  You'll have the opportunity to ask the stars themselves at this historic event.

So don't wait, get your tickets now, and come take part in this unique and celebratory occasion on July 27th-31st in Studio City, California.

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