Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEWS: Latest on AMC/OLTL, CORRIE Video Game, The Hoff

Will AMC and OLTL Be Saved By Online Upstart? Here's The Latest!
While a Prospect Park rep did not immediately get back to us and an ABC Daytime spokesperson declined to comment, a well-placed ABC source did tell us that the Post‘s reporting contains “inaccuracies.” The insider could not elaborate on the errors — Will only existing episodes be streamed? Are Lucci and her hefty paycheck in fact not part of the deal? — but soap fans shouldn’t be kept guessing for long. I’m hearing that a press release regarding the rumored “rescue” is due out soon.

Thom Woodley: Soaps? Online? Hell yes!
"As some of you know, I have something sort of similar (but also completely different) in the works. But if Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz can take this first massive step and make it work – and I have every reason to believe they can – then I want to be the first to welcome them to the sandbox.

"Or should I say soapbox."

CORONATION STREET Videogame Officially Revealed‎
Avanquest Software Publishing are launching Coronation Street: The Mystery of The Missing Hotpot Recipe through a deal with licenser ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

David Hasselhoff turns porn star for SONS OF ANARCHY
He will be playing Dondo, a former XXX actor who's segued into producing skin flicks.

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  1. I've been searching and looking for info on Prospect Park and now we find out there is no info because it's an online upstart company..hmmm.

    Rumor mill has it that the Gov has it's hand in helping it get funding and the parent company, just like ABC, is Disney!

    So, Disney and the greedy majority stockholders will still be in control?

    Can they get it up and running in time, will 2.2 million viewers pay $10-$20 a month in a deep recession to continue to watch shows that have been lacking for years..?

    Stay tuned?