Sunday, July 17, 2011

NEWS: Vets Rip Jack Scalia, FNL Ratings Up, Google Changes Our Memory

Vets, including AMC's J.R. Martinez rip Jack Scalia's 'no-pay' charity
Wounded war vets say actor-turned-philanthropist Jack Scalia (ex-Chris, AMC) left them high and dry.

J.R. Martinez, a badly burned Iraq veteran who now plays an ex-soldier on ALL MY CHILDREN, said he felt Scalia was using combat vets to raise money for his Operation American Spirit charity.

"We never, ever received money from Jack Scalia," said Martinez, who participated in the group's 2007 fund-raising bicycle ride from Seattle to San Diego on the promise that money collected would go to a charity Martinez supported.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS ratings up for NBC series finale
FNL was up 29% in its finale to a 0.9 adults 18-49 rating.

TV serials, soap operas, entertainment for Afghans
"I have fed up with the continued war, unemployment and poverty. In fact Afghanistan is a war zone and we are suffering almost daily from suicide and roadside bombings. The reason that I watch serials is to pastime and forget my pains," Mohammad Hussain, 29 said.

Study: Google Changes The Way We Remember Things
A new study finds that Internet search engines have changed the way people recall information. Researchers say we remember how to find the information online better than we remember the actual facts.


  1. I think that sometimes these celebrities attach their name to a cause never really knowing much about the administrative side. Money goes somewhere and they don't know where, It isn't necessarily their fault, they should be more aware or involved in that aspect. Now in this case it is damaging his reputation and thats a shame.

  2. Please he knows where the money went, in his and his girlfriends pocket. He is not innocent in this and he didn't just lend his name. I'm glad he is finally getting caught for being the lying crook some of us have known him to be for years!