Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NEWS: Last Season For DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? Strong Ratings For TORCHWOOD, Burnett/Hapka

Creator Marc Cherry and executive producer Bob Daily are both signed to remain with the series through the season, as well as a potential ninth season. But rumblings have started that the producers and network may decide to go out with a bang this year rather than stretch things. Nothing's been decided yet, but ABC knows the question will be a key one when the network meets with reporters on August 7 at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour. That's why some insiders believe a decision could be made by then.

Others, however, think ABC may wait until September to see how its new shows perform, and if DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES sees another ratings drop. "It's all dependent on the ratings," says one insider. "It will be up against some stiff competition."

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY opens to strong ratings
At 1.5 million views, the show matched the highest-rated Starz numbers of all-time.

Is there too much food TV?
The deluge of food reality shows has resulted in "foodie chaos," says one "Top Chef Masters" judge.

Don't let spoilers ruin your fun
Plot revelations via Twitter and the Internet are reaching many people before they get around to seeing their recorded TV shows or new movies or read new books.

PSYCH casts Jennifer Finnigan as Jason Priestley's partner in crime
In a Season 6 episode titled “Neal Simon’s Lovers Retreat,” Finnigan will play Barbie, a comely con woman whose partner in crime is no less than Jason Priestley.

ONE TREE HILL Season 9: Tyler Hilton returns as Chris Keller
Actor/musician Tyler Hilton played coy on Twitter when he posted, "I'm doing something soooo exciting today...but I can't tell u. It's killing me! I hate secrets. But I'll tell u soon. :)" It turns out Hilton is returning to the show as singer/songwriter/homewrecker Chris Keller.

TNT Is Remaking DALLAS. Why Are You Remaking Dallas, TNT?
TIME asks: "If you're making a DALLAS for the 2010s, why not pic a city that is to today as Dallas was to the '80s?"

WATCH: DAYS OF OUR LIVES stars Molly Burnett & Mark Hapka on BREAKFAST BURRITO

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