Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WATCH: THEN WE GOT HELP! 2.10 "The Art of the Strip"

THEN WE GOT HELP! is back with an all-new episode, "The Art of the Strip."

"A game of Strip Poker leads to revelations, bickering, and the break up of one of our favorite couples," previews Julie Ann Emery. "This week our Swingers AND our Bi-sexual Trio are back, as well as, Dan and Eric together again. It's a full house! And the Dan & Eric adoption story line comes to a head this week...ending with quite the bombshell at the end of the episode. So tune in and find out who keeps their secrets and who doesn't. And who keeps their clothes!"

As Eric says, "Strip Poker for Group?!? Best idea ever."

Watch the episode below.

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