Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Season Finale GTST: Wedding Turns Into Nightmare

On July 8 Season 21 of the Dutch soap opera GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN will end with a traditional 'summer cliffhanger'. Every year the show sends its viewers into the summer with a big cliffhanger. The last week of this season revolves around romance, desire and jealousy.

The day has finally arrived: Noud (Ruud Feltkamp) and Nina (Marly van der Velden) are getting married. Nina is clearly stressed out because of the wedding. She fears that small details will ruin her big day. She doesn't realize that Wiet (Pip Pellens) is the real danger to her happiness. Wiet has convinced her sister Sjors (Inge Schrama) that she has accepted that the love of her life Noud is now marrying someone else. But that's not true at all. Secretly she's coming up with a plan to get rid of her rival Nina for good. Without thinking about the consequences, Wiet sets her plan in motion. This will have big consequences for everyone in Meerdijk, the fictional town where the show takes place.

Laura (Jette van der Meij) and Lorena (Gigi Ravelli) are getting more and more worried about Jef (Bartho Braat). They haven't heard from him since he left the country on a trip with Tanya (Mary-Lou van Stenis). They've asked Jack's (Mark van Eeuwen) help to trace the mysterious woman. Tanya, who has returned to Meerdijk and is calling herself Tineke now, becomes very nervous now that they're getting closer to the truth. Lorena gets hold of Tanya's file. It turns out she's guilty of a lot more. Is Tanya able to tell them where Jef is?

Maxime (Marjolein Keuning) is in shock when her great enemy Nick (Christophe Haddad) is back in Meerdijk. Nick says he has changed and that he doesn't feel hate for her anymore. But Maxime doesn't believe he can be trusted. The return of the father of her child is for Charlie (Lieke van Lexmond) confusing as well. It happens right when she and Rik (Ferri Somogyi) are repairing the trust between them. What does Nick want from Maxime and Charlie? Did he really change or does he have a plan?

The season finale airs on July 8 on RTL4. The show returns with it's 22nd season on August 29.

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