Monday, June 6, 2011

WLS Interview Archive: Melissa Reeves

Melissa Reeves is considered by many to be one of the nicest and most down-to-earth actresses working in daytime today.  After a four-year absence, she is front and center on DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux and about to find herself in the middle of a lot of romance and trouble.  But how did this aspiring dancer from New Jersey end up moving to Los Angeles, Nashville, and back again? And what does she think about the stories that she has played out on screen and off camera for the past 26 years? Please join us for this very special five-part interview from January, 2011, to learn more about the actress, the rebel, the mother, the survivor.

In Part One: The acclaimed actress discusses her aspirations to be a dancer in New York, becoming legally emancipated as a minor, and her experience working on the brand new soap, SANTA BARBARA.

In Part Two: Reeves reflects on Jennifer Rose's trials and tribulations in the 1980s, the Jack & Jennifer phenomenon, and offers insights into working with the late Frances Reid and Macdonald Carey.  With which co-star did she share a book club? Find out here.

In Part Three: Reeves recalls the Jack & Jennifer phenomenon, how she resisted the pressures that went along with the popularity, and the downside of fame following Matt Ashford's firing in 1993.  Why exactly did she cut her hair?

In Part Four: Reeves discusses the "rumors" that followed her 1995 departing from the show, how her faith has helped her survive criticism and gossip, and the highs & lows of her return to DAYS in the 2000s.  Plus, did James Reilly really hate Matt Ashford?

In Part Five: Reeves shares her thoughts on her outspoken exit from DAYS in 2006, saying goodbye to Frances Reid, and her future on and off DAYS.  What are her thoughts about the new romance with Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian)?  Find out here!

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  1. Thank you for posting your interview of Melissa Reeves. She is one of the high points of Days of Our Lives, and has been since long before Jack appeared. :) She still looks gorgeous after all these years, even in sweats & she seems like an incredibly nice person who I wish I could meet someday.