Monday, June 13, 2011

Marg Helgenberger Retracts Calling Justin Bieber a Brat

Former RYAN'S HOPE star Marg Helgenberger seems to have fully retracted her previous remarks on the beloved 17-year-old pop singing sensation.

At Sunday night’s 65th annual Tony Awards in NYC, OK! confronted Marg about her comments on the teen dream from when he appeared on CSI.

“He’s a very talented young man,” she told OK!. “He really is.”

Back in early May, Marg had expressed some hard feelings when she was asked what it was like to work with Bieber on the set of CSI.

“I shouldn’t be saying this, but he was kind of a brat,” she said.

Justin later said (via Twitter): “it’s kinda lame when someone you met briefly and never worked with comments on you. I will continue to wish them luck and be kind.”

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  1. Marg can think he's talented and a brat at the same time. I worked with many talented brats in children's theatre. I'm sure she got flack from someone at CBS for saying that about the Beebs, and now will only put positive spin to the media.
    Hopefully Justin will take her words to heart and the next time he's guesting on a set, have some humility.