Thursday, June 23, 2011

REVIEW: LOS AMERICANS Showcases Dream Ensemble: Lupe Ontiveros, Esai Morales, Raymond Cruz & Yvonne Delarosa


For fans of...: Telenovelas; PARENTHOOD; Lupe Ontiveros, Esai Morales, Raymond Cruz or Yvonne Delarosa

What it is: An affluent Mexican American family overcomes obstacles.

What's good: Looks TV ready. Cast so strong (and famous) it had us doing doubletakes—more acting experience then most new television dramas. Fresh take on the American family.

What's great: Very real yet very dramatic. Character and plot reign over gimmicks and sentimentality. Manages to educate us about common contemporary struggles in a gripping and natural way. With every episode, we felt something and we learned something.

What could be better: Sound is uneven and occasionally distracting. First episode may be too expository.

Addictive like...: Bottles of Cuervo—neat

Grade: A-

Review based on: Episodes 1-4

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  1. I love LOS AMERICANS! It is another great web series from One Economy Corporation and! Great acting. It should definitely be on TV.
    I also love their web series "DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM."

  2. Los Americans is a great series. I applaud the creators, actors, and crew for delivering such a fine show.

    The quality of each episode is the same as what one would find on primetime TV. should be applauded for another successful venture following Diary of a Single Mom and 9nine. I wish more people knew about this show.

  3. This is one of my new favorite series and it's on the web! It is just all around one of the best shows I have seen in a very long time. The acting is superb, especially by the two leads, Esai Morales and Yvonne Delarosa. This is the new American TV family that needs to be seen on a network!