Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RECAP: We Love Soaps' Jabot Cosmetics Daytime Emmy Viewing Party

We Love Soaps asked Indie Soap Award-winning producers Greg Turner and Brian Hewson to host a Jabot Cosmetics Daytime Emmy viewing party on Sunday night. Here's a recap from Turner about the party which was attended by Libby Fox, Andrew Jernigan, Rebecca Wolf, Ali Bill (pictured above), and Indie Soap Award nominee Afton Boggiano:

When I was asked to host a Jabot Cosmetics party on the evening of the Daytime Emmys for We Love Soaps, I jumped at the opportunity! Together with my partner in crime, Brian Hewson, we assembled a crew of friends who love daytime and would appreciate some giveaways from Jabot! The gifts arrived wrapped, and though we wanted to peek, Brian and I restrained ourselves to let our guests enjoy them fully! I don't know much about make-up, but the ladies at the party were beyond thrilled at the products Jabot had given them.

And apparently the products are not just for ladies, because they told me the products Jabot chose would be great for men too! (Had I known that ahead of time, I wouldn't have given them all away!!) The ladies were excited to try the Photo Ready Face Lift and the Picture Perfect Eye Lift! Empire's Afton Boggiano raved about her new Crushed Diamond Facial Re-Surfacer!

Whenever Jabot came on during the telecast, we all cheered because we were so excited that Genoa City's world renowned cosmetics company had now come to life! (We also cheered a lot because we were drinking lots of champagne, courtesy of Jabot!!)

Reading the reviews of the Emmy telecast Monday morning, I realized my Emmy experience was vastly different from most viewers, who were generally disappointed. Between the champagne and the Jabot products, our party was definitely one to remember!

Our Red Carpet Kit, courtesy of Jabot, featured the following:

o Photo Ready Face Lift
o Picture Perfect Eye Lift
o Crushed Diamond Facial Re-Surfacer

See additional photos from our Jabot party below.

The Jabot Cosmetics inspiration is the glamorous beauty brand on The Young and the Restless – ‘Jabot Cosmetics’. A fictional Genoa City beauty company, founded by the Abbott family and currently owned by Chancellor Industries, Jabot is sold exclusively at Fenmore’s Department Store and offers women advanced skincare, glamorous makeup and luxurious fragrances. The current CEO is Jack Abbott, and the story of ‘Jabot’ has been integral to the show for over 30 years.

Now for the first time, story has become reality as the ‘real Jabot’ has been launched – a line of advanced, professional skincare, makeup and fragrance inspired by The Young and the Restless. Jabot offers premium backstage beauty products used by the actresses both on this iconic Hollywood set, and at home.

Photo Credit: Greg Turner

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