Thursday, June 16, 2011

Experience We Love Soaps TV LIVE and IN PERSON at free event!

We here at WE LOVE SOAPS TV often wish we could spend time in real life, face to face, with our friends--old and new--who love soaps the way we do. Continuing stories with authentic, original scripts and well-developed characters (the ones we love and the ones we love to hate!) are in many ways a cornerstone of our culture--and as the events of the past few weeks have sadly shown, our treasured genre is under-appreciated and even threatened.

But, soaps naturally bring people together.
  • Grandmothers, mothers, and daughters used to hand down shows such as As The World Turns or Guiding Light through the generations, almost like family heirlooms.
  • Young adults from different cliques and different backgrounds get together every week to gossip about the latest episode of Glee or True Blood.
  • And all across America, fans open up their homes and gather together to share continuing TV series as diverse as Archer, Desperate Housewives and Mad Men.
In the spirit of celebrating soaps in all their forms (daytime, prime time, even web series) and with the goal of strengthening a sense of community, WE LOVE SOAPS TV will be hosting a monthly event where anyone can stop by and celebrate our soaps together! It will be like walking right into an episode of We Love Soaps TV!

We're calling it Daytime Drama (because it takes place in the afternoon) and it's a free event in New York City that will take place on the third Thursday of every month!
  • 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Thursday, June 16 at Pieces Bar (8 Christopher St.) in Manhattan
  • View classic and current video clips up on the big TV screens
  • Professional therapist (and star of WE LOVE SOAPS TV!) Damon will offer his insights on your favorite characters
  • TV expert (and We Love Soaps founder!) Roger will dish up behind-the-scenes gossip and news
We love Soaps TV has arranged for a selection of $3.00 cocktails (including Gin & Tonics, Vodka Crans, Rum & Cokes, and many more!) and we're putting together a collection of clips that will blow your mind! Of course, we want your input. Tell us in the comment section below what you'd like to see included in Daytime Drama!

If you would like to RSVP or help spread the word, here is our Facebook event page. Everyone is welcome to attend!

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