Wednesday, June 15, 2011

RELEASE: DAYS OF OUR LIVES Revitalizes With Sweeping Changes

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Revitalizes With Sweeping Changes to Bring Back Romance and Beloved Characters NBC's Longest-Running Scripted Series Hits the Reset Button with a New Writing Team, Cast Additions, and a New Producing Team

Executive Producer Ken Corday is resetting DAYS OF OUR LIVES with the simple yet successful formula of centering the show around romance and the characters fans know and love. "It's time to make a more positive, romantic, and intriguing show driven by the power of heroic love. I'm very excited about the new adventure we are about to take which is based on the show that my parents created 45 years ago."

DAYS OF OUR LIVES initiated a strong direction of change by appointing a new head writing team consisting of Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas. The successful writing duo plan to change the direction of the show as they tell contemporary stories based on the solid foundation of the DAYS history of family, romance, and intrigue. McPherson and Thomas commented, "New fans will find many reasons to stay, and longtime fans will find many reasons to return."

Launching with a grand event in the fall, big surprises will be coming to Salem.

Co-Executive Producer Noel Maxam, who has been a producer on the show for four years, and Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng, who has been Executive in Charge of Production for over ten years, will work together as a team. "The new writing team has already generated much excitement with the compelling stories they have written, and we plan to translate those stories to the screen with a refreshed look," commented Greg Meng.

Ken Corday commented, "I am confident these changes will bring back excitement and anticipation to our family of fans as they tune in each day to see what happens. You won't want to miss a single episode of the new DAYS ahead!"


  1. Now if only they'd kill off EJ I'd be a happy girl. I think Salem's long overdue for a murder especially this guy since there would be a nice bunch of suspects. I'm glad about the returns but I'm bummed about the people leaving.

    I think the best solution would have been to fire James Scott since he's the most overused "actor" on the show. I'm not sure what the point of bringing Drake and Deidre back is if it isn't going to be long term.

  2. Rumor has it that yet another serial killer will be coming to town to wipe out the dead weight on the show. This will coincide with the return of John and Marlena. Unfortunately, the only time I've ever seen serial killer stories done effectively were the LOVING murders and the Sin Stalker on ANOTHER WORLD.

  3. FYI. In the subhead, it should be "cast additions," not "cast editions."