Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Not Renewing Crystal Chappell's Contract

It looks like Crystal Chappell will be leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Carly when her contract is up. She tweeted the news on her husband, Michael Sabatino's, Twitter account earlier today.

"Using Michael's phone/Droid's dead. Want you to know, as I understand it, DOOL has decided not to renew my contract. I'm sad but grateful for the opportunity. I made new friends and got Venice up and running thanks to you. I wish DAYS much success. P.S Not the new writers decision. P.S.S Michael's phone sucks. Onward! XO"

Despite the DAYS news, Chappell is still busy working on the third season of VENICE and her upcoming indie soap THE GROVE.

What do you think of the news? Surprised? Expected? How would you like to see the character of Carly exit the canvas?


  1. That just sucks and they continue to force me to endure seeing James Scott nearly every day. This doesn't make any sense at all. At least we'll be able to see her elsewhere although I was glad when she came back to Days.

  2. If fans can save Rebecca Herbst's job, surely we can do the same for Crystal Chappell. Using her to sell books and then this is how she gets repaid? Sick.

    NBC Comment Line is OPEN- 1-212-664-2333. General NBC, so must mention DAYS. Tell them you want to see more @crystalchappell

    Write Ken Corday, Gary Tomlin & Greg Meng - Days of our Lives - c/o NBC - 3000 w. Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91523

  3. CC has always been too good for DOOL. She can do so much better... doing her own thing. Venice has proven that. She can write and produce a better soap then DOOL with her hands tied behind her back and blindfolded... oh wait that's another topic... ONWARD!

  4. CC you will be greatly missed. Thank goodness we will be able to see you on Venice and other Open Book Productions' series. So very disappointed at DAYS but unfortunately not surprised. Before Carly's return to DAYS I was mostly fast-forwarding through the show and was nearly to the point of giving up completely on watching DAYS. I gave it another chance with the thought of Carly's return
    A Carly/Katerina come back. Oh the possibilities.
    Bo/Carly/Hope/Lawrence story. Heck just watching Hope and Carly square off for Bo could have been awesome. Bring Shawn D (Carly was a huge part of his life)& Nicky back to fight with each other and defend their mothers/fathers. Frankie, Carly's brother. What did the writers give us?? Nitetime Hope, long lost daughter storyline (with Carly being the "core" character) and then a half baked Bo/Hope reunion.

  5. I only read the news on these sites, but had to come out for this one. I stopped watching DAYS years ago because I couldn't handle the crazy train they were on. I ONLY came back because of Crystal Chappell, hoping they would give her something worth her TALENT! And even though they didn't (she makes sh!t smell good), I stuck around. Can't say I didn't expect this to happen though. So when she last airs, I will stop watching. I need my sanity back! Good luck, Crystal, in your future endeavors...I raise my glass (since I know you love a good drink) to you and your bravery in keeping this genre going. And for that you will always have my utmost support and respect!
    I'm a true soap opera fan...nuff said!

  6. I agree with a previous poster i am so sick of seeing James Scott i guess im in the minority and cant stand EJ and i really dont like he and Sami together people seem to forget he did rape her,steal her baby and had her husband kidnapped and all these fans think they belong together! And i also dont like Daniel or Taylor and would rather see them leave over Crystal!

  7. CC improved the ratings for Days by coming back and this is how they repay her... Once she's gone, I can see NBC canceling the show because all of Crystal's fans will stop watching! This is such a huge mistake
    they are making... they could have done so many things with her character!

  8. I watched Days for 20 years and it just got to much for me so I finally quit watching but a couple years later I hear CC is coming back to Days and I tuned back in. Sad to say with this news I will be tuning back out on Carly Mannings last day in Salem. I have no desire to watch the Safe/Ejami/Bope show.

  9. I was so excited when Crystal Chappell came back to Days. I've always loved everything about Carly/Caterina, and I have to admit that I was rooting a litte bit more for her in the Carly/Bo/Hope triangle. It could've been almost like another Roman/Marlena/John story.

    Crystal Chappell is a phenomenal actress who could always make me truly feel her emotions every single time. I am deeply saddened that she will be leaving Days.

    However, I wish her only the best in her future endeavors and I really hope that the writers consider having her back every now and then.