Monday, June 27, 2011

NEWS: Erin Torpey, Bren Foster, Kenyan Soap, Alan Ball

Erin Torpey returning for one last appearance on ONE LIFE TO LIVE
Torpey, who played Jessica Buchanan from 1990 to 2003, will return to the axed soap for one last appearance. Torpey won't be seen as Jessica but will play a different character.

Bren Foster staying on DAYS OF OUR LIVES after all
Soap Opera Digest has learned that Bren Foster (Quinn), who was let go during the DAYS bloodbath a couple of weeks ago, will actually be staying in Salem. The actor has been rehired and will remain a part of the cast.

Kenya: Daily Soap Opera to Be Launched Soon
Kenyan producer Alison Ngibuini and founder of production house Al Is On Productions is working on the first ever East African soap opera. "Initially it will air twice a week. This will be our very own BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, our own RHYTHM CITY or SCANDAL. We already have a sponsor on board and a TV partner but that will be revealed soon. It will be a great platform for sponsors to look into marketing their brands in a proud Kenyan production. The show will cut across all classes of people," Alison told Word Is.

Alan Ball explains all the TRUE BLOOD twists
"We wanted to get all of our characters into somewhat of a new place," he says.

BREAKING BAD creator: Season 5 could be our last
"It kinda changes," says Vince Gilligan, "if you ask me last season or the season before versus this one, but right now I would say season five should probably be our last season. But you know, check with me a year from now, we’ll see if I change my tune."

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  1. While I'm glad about Bren staying I have to admit to being confused. Louise should be staying too after all she's playing his mother. I just wish they'd get rid of James Scott since he's the most overused "actor" on that soap.

    I just wonder what they'll do with Quinn since Chloe's leaving and Vivian's leaving. So what storyline does he have left? Oh yeah there's Kate but she just wants revenge on Chloe since she's her new number one of the chick she hates most. Well it gives Sami a break.