Friday, June 24, 2011

NEWS: Erika Slezak,, Larry Hagman, Heather Trott

Liz Smith: Soap Queen Erika Slezak Ends One “Life” To Live Another
Erika says she doesn’t yet know how all the storylines will be wrapped up. “I hope it ends cleanly, I hope it’s all neatly wrapped.”

Will she continue acting? The very lively Erika laughed and said, “The first thing I did when I knew the show was ending was call my agent. I said, ‘Okay, get going!’ I’d love to go back to the theater. TV movies. Feature films. My kids are grown, and my husband is very supportive. He said, ‘We can go to Hollywood for a while if you think you need that.’ Anyway, I’d go mad staying home.” Trying to Create Larger Audience for Original Web Series recently overhauled its website which now features 12 shows under the headline “Discover the beat in original Web series.” Users can also view lists of the most-viewed, new, and trending shows.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our web series can be found on at It is one of the featured Entertainment programs.

Larry Hagman plugs solar power
The 79-year-old, in Perth for the SupaNova Pop Culture Expo, says renewable energy is the way of the future and he has totally solarised his avocado farm in Ojai, California.

Could EASTENDERS' Heather Trott finally be getting a man?
The mother-of-one apparently enjoys a flirtation with a mysterious newcomer known only as Andrew when they meet in Southend, and insiders are hinting their new friendship could progress further.

$10K Web Series Screenplay Contest Deadline | June 30th
The Rockstone Foundation is currently accepting submissions for its Web Series Screenplay Contest, which is sponsored by Black Women’s Entertainment Network and promises a guaranteed production deal for its grand prize winner.

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  1. Love love love Erika Slezak. Would be great to see her play totally against type. Actors playing good guys are always underrated.