Monday, May 30, 2011

Wisner Washam's "The Cloning" Now Available on Amazon

Longtime ALL MY CHILDREN writer Wisner Washam has published his novel, "The Cloning," on Amazon at Kindle e-books. It originated as a screenplay, which won a Writers' Guild award and was performed at Lincoln Center.

"The Cloning" is a fast moving story of a young, hedonistic Harvard professor who clones a fragment from the Shroud of Turin believing that it contains Jesus’ DNA, then implants the cells in the womb of a hell-raising youngster named Maria. This irreligious pair finds their lives hurled into new orbits by sudden, unprecedented fame . . . and a love that blossoms in the midst of chaos caused by the possible “second coming.” Their experiences include the Pope, the U.S. President, a banana republic dictator, and clerics on three continents. The story is satirical at moments, but it’s not without a spiritual aspect; the two central characters are profoundly transformed.

Order it on here.

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