Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thom Christopher To Appear at Trek Expo June 24-26

Award Winning Actor to Reunite with Cast and Fans of Cult TV Series BUCK ROGERS IN THE the 25TH CENTURY

Thom Christopher “The Hawk” to Appear at Trek Expo JUNE 24 to 26

New York, NY, May 17, 2011 --  The winner of an Emmy Award, Clarence Derwent Award and Theatre World Award, actor Thom Christopher is still most recognized for the role he played as The Hawk in 1981 on the cult television series BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY.  On June 24 to 26, 2011, Christopher will reunite with series stars Gil Gerard and Erin Gray for three days at the Trek Expo (John Q Hammons UMAC Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma). 

“BUCK ROGERS was my first TV series, and playing The Hawk was an exotic, creative, challenging role that caught on with the audience in such a short time -- beyond my belief!  It was an amazing opportunity for me.”

Christopher fondly recalls, “Gil (Gerard), Erin (Gray) and all the cast members were so considerate and generous with this character -- a new actor on their show wearing Black spandex, knee high boots, a black breast plate, a Taser Gun and the glorious feathered dome of white and black feathers!   I have done dozens of personal appearances since the 1980s to the most supportive and amazing fans of Hawk.  For a series that ran only 37 episodes, the fan devotion is just incredible.  Even during my soap opera fan encounters (appearing on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, LOVING, GUIDING LIGHT), fans always asked me about Hawk.”

 “I am excited about seeing Gil and Erin again. The last time we were all together was at the MEGA CON festival in Orlando, FL in 2005.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to appear at the event in June.”  For more information about TREK EXPO visit www.trekexpo.net.

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