Friday, May 13, 2011

Sarah Michell Gellar Calls ALL MY CHILDREN Cancellation 'Criminal'

Sarah Michelle Gellar is passionate about getting kids to read. Earlier this week the actress spent time reading to children at the Los Angeles Public Library's historic Central Library, as part of the Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program. She spoke to Wonderwall on a number of subjects including the cancellation of ALL MY CHILDREN, where she won an Emmy for her portrayal of Kendall.

"I'm very upset about that," Gellar said. "First of all, they had the audacity to cancel it on my birthday. So let's have that discussion. I think it's criminal. I remember pretending to be sick when I was younger and staying home and like watching the ABC soap lineup in bed. And I realize it's tough economic times and it wasn't necessarily financially working, but there has to be a way to make it work. And these shows have been on for 40 years. I'm sorry, [but] I don't see either one of these shows they're replacing with it lasting more than a year. I really don't, and I say that with confidence. And I think, I don't think they tried hard enough to save the genre. And, it's just devastating to me."


  1. And SNAP! She is back on my A-List. I like that SMG remembers her time on the show & doesn't trivialize it. The only people who DO seem to trivialize soaps now are the Executives who don't know how to manage them or actually productively do much of anything besides throw a dart, pick a show, air it twice & replace it until something catches on. No wonder the good stuff goes to cable, HBO & SHO now.

  2. well that is true,but its different times and ...the soaps r and made for women.and now a days most of them work. so there goes the peggy bundy's of the but i do agree... it's been around for ever(so let it live on....we still have pbs,and that is still going(i.e. iknow thats not the same...but with the time's it's not needed)so save the money or just let everybody go to youtube and not give the time to what all the media speaks about...(make/have a show we can make money and have people follow for years and still love and always will?)
    p.s..... sry for the rant but it's true :)