Thursday, May 26, 2011


LOS AMERICANS is an eight-part series that focuses on a multi-generational, middle-income Latino family living in Los Angeles. The Valenzuela family deals with many issues facing American families today, including: unemployment, cultural identity and alcoholism. The series features Latino-Americans in a realistic and complex manner seldom seen on television or the Internet.

While the series portrays some of the experiences unique to the Latino community, such as the challenges of straddling two cultures, the series also shows that much of the family’s struggles can be identified with families from various socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Following each episode of Los Americans, viewers will be directed to online resources and information offering solutions and help for the issues portrayed in the program.

The series is written and directed by Dennis Leoni, who is best known for having created and produced the award-winning, television series RESURRECTION BLVD. for Showtime. Los Americans feature Esai Morales (CAPRICA), Lupe Ontiveros (SOUTHLAND) Raymond Cruz (BREAKING BAD) and Tony Plana (UGLY BETTY).

Los Americans is an original production of One Economy Corporation and its video production company, V-Studios. V-Studios is managed by award-winning director, Robert Townsend (DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM).

The web series is funded through a grant of the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program, made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to promote broadband and technology use to help people improve their lives.

On the premiere episode, Leandro (or “Lee” as he prefers to be called) Valenzuela’s idyllic suburban world is shaken as he deals with losing his job, his mother’s alcoholism and three new houseguests – his homeboy cousin Memo, who he hasn’t seen in thirty years, Memo’s undocumented wife and their overweight son.

Watch it below.

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