Friday, May 27, 2011

Jeff Conaway Is Dead At 60

TAXI and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL actor Jeff Conaway is dead at 60, reports Radar Online.

Earlier this month, Conaway entered Encino Hospital Medical Center unconscious and with an pneumonia after what was thought to be an accidental overdose of painkillers. He would remain in critical condition and in a coma for the duration of his stay.

Over objections of his longtime girlfriend, Vikki Lizzi, Conaway's family decided Thursday to remove the feeding tube and ventilator that was keeping him alive.

The actor's manager Phil Brock originally claimed that a painkiller overdose was a likely culprit, but CELEBRITY REHAB physician Drew Pinsky disputed the theory. He claimed hat there was no sign of an intentional overdose and instead Conaway was suffering from pneumonia and the blood poisoning known as sepsis.

In early 2010, Conaway fell down a staircase in his California home and suffered a broken hip, a broken arm, a fractured neck and a brain hemorrhage.

Conaway is probably best remembered for portraying John Travolta's best friend Kenickie in the blockbuster 1978 film adaptation of the musical Grease. After the film, Conaway went on to co-star in the popular and acclaimed sitcom TAXI, as Bobby Wheeler, an out of work actor who moonlights as a taxi-driver.

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