Friday, May 20, 2011


We Love Soaps kicked off our inaguaral DAYTIME DRAMA event at Pieces bar in New York City on Thursday afternoon. DAYTIME DRAMA is a monthly happy hour event where we watch soaps (daytime, primetime, web series), have cheap drinks and share thoughts on the genre and our favorite storylines.

The first event was well-received and some of our favorite folks from the world of web series stopped by including Greg Turner and Brian Hewson from EMPIRE, Jason Vitteri-Lewis from TRAILER MADE, and Julie Ann Emery and Kevin Earley from THEN WE GOT HELP! Emery brought along HELP's fabulous guest star Sam McMurray (FREAKS & GEEKS, FRIENDS, Raising Arizona).

Clips included classic soap weddings, startling courtroom revelations, famous guest stars and much more. We also played a few web series -- THEN WE GOT HELP!, TRAILER MADE and IMAGINARY BITCHES. A great time was had by all!

See below for more photos from DAYTIME DRAMA.

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