Friday, May 20, 2011

Chandra Wilson On AMC/OLTL Cancellations: "I'm Devastated"

GREY'S ANATOMY star, and soap fan, Chandra Wilson appeared on Thursday's episode of THE VIEW and spoke her dismay over the cancellations of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Said Wilson: "I'm devastated. Devastated! I went on the anonymous websites and I hollered and put exclamation marks. I feel like as someone who has watched daytime television for over 30 years as a daily part of my life, I feel like something is being ripped away. I've never had a Nielsen box at my house so I just feel like nobody knows. There are millions of us. Millions of us. Daytime fans are some of the most loyal fans you will ever find anywhere. I just feel not counted."


  1. Thank you Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorites but do canceling of AMC & OLTL I can't watch it.
    Help save these shows a tradition being dismissed but night time soaps are in. Not right one bit! By the way a housewife's job with children is work .I owned two real estate offices. Not to mention mortgage servicing. Let us find out what you are passionate about and cancel that!
    No CBS was not to blame for canceling soaps Proctor & Gamble was ! So we you know, as a sponsor your responsible. That's right your company. We buy the products, so why do you make the decision on what we watch. Know what you are talking about. Soaps got there name from the soap companies.

    Now cost-there is not that much difference when it comes to cost verses who is watching. Lets us see around the USA what is being watched. Pittsburg is largest daytime audience of soaps #1 one is One Life To Live, in Miami #1 is All My children.
    So when the new shows fail and they will. FOX,CBS,NBC, and ABC will have only one soap. Except CBS that leaves talk show, cooking, and game shows. The ratings for game shows and talk shows are not any better or worse than AMC & OLTL.Cost is less until you have to produce a new show. There goes the cost. The cost on AMC one half more and on OLTL one whole times more. Your products just went down in sales.
    If you are not watching (every channel is going to have the same thing on CBS ABC NBC) I have Direct and I can watch all the shows taking the place on another one hundred and fifty nine channels some which are reality, cooking, self help and game shows. The rating system dose not use Dish, Directv or antenna people. You can make up the cost by marketing and putting a sponsors product in the soaps
    What is in a soap romance, escape, relaxation, and how to cope with bulling, addiction, death of a loved one, rape and other everyday problems of a modern day society. So why are you wanting new shows.

    I am successful, married, proud American consumer, mother, grandmother, and part of a buying power way above most. I like seeming new products when I am relaxed watching my soaps. So the question is why are you not abiding by us instead of us abiding by your reshearch.I can do without your product Mr. Sponsors can you do with out me?

  2. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! Who are these people who have made these decisions for us?!?! I am so SICK of Reality TV and Talk Shows. Is that what we've all become?! Dysfunctional people who need to talk about issues that we really do NOT have?! Also Reality TV really isn't reality when it is scripted. Why do we need a show to who us all catty and bratty people can be? I would rather watch SOAPs that bring generations together and where we can sit for a while and be taken away from our troubles and sometimes learn from it. More and more I am becoming someone who really does not want to watch TV. It's funny that we can go to a Foreign country and they dedicate their daytime and nighttime to SOAPs. Just like their commercials aren't dedicated to telling you that you are dysfunctional and have to take a pill because it will help you function. It's amazing how far we are headed down the toilet. Very sad indeed. I understand about cost savings, but if the SOAPs are doing it? Why not keep them around. What happened to preserving our traditions and legacies?!?! This "new" generation of traditions of Talk Shows and Reality TV is a sad legacy and tradition to pass on to our kids.