Monday, May 23, 2011

CALIFORNIA HEAVEN Web Soap Launches On Digital Entertainment Site June 1

With over 100 episodes already shot and ready to air, CALIFORNIA HEAVEN is a supernatural soap that will unfold online at the newly formed entertainment portal The St. John Fisher Company -- is the brainchild of Hollywood digital pioneers Stewart St. John and producing partner Todd Fisher, the guys who’ve been at the forefront of original online content since 1996 when they were part of the first online network, American Cybercast. Together they relaunched The Spot 2.0 in 2003, and created America’s first cell phone soap for SPRINT phones in 2004. will feature original online content, from dramas to comedy, as well as books, children’s books, music, games and blogs.

“We always seem to be ahead of the curve,” says Todd Fisher, co-founder of St. John-Fisher. “Technology has finally caught up to some of the ideas we’ve had, which is why we’re taking the opportunity to launch our web soap, CALIFORNIA HEAVEN.”

The innovative series revolves around the mysterious Corrigan family of Malibu Beach, owners of a chain of surf shops in the US, who are covering up the truth of a long-lost relative’s death. When the woman’s daughter arrives in Malibu and starts asking questions, the family is determined to send her packing. Seems they have a lot more than just the woman’s body to hide.

“It’s wicked fun,” says Stewart St. John, co-creator of the show whose Hollywood credits include writing and producing the feature film Seventeen Again, as well as story editing the hugely successful children’s series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

“California Heaven was originally conceived during talks we were having with AOL,” explains Fisher. “We went into production with the idea that CALIFORNIA HEAVEN would run on AOL, but the company went through some sudden restructuring and abandoned the idea of original programming at the time. We were left in mid-production and decided to pull our resources and continue shooting.”

“The show is a testimony to what you can do on the web for very little,” says St. John, “especially when a group of artisans come together for the sake of the project. We have four seasons completed, and we’re currently looking for financing to continue the series.”

“I still work in traditional television and film,” adds St. John, “But the web gives us an opportunity to explore our creativity all the time... there are just so many possibilities and ways to connect with the audience. We look forward to exploring new concepts and ideas in the years ahead.”

About The St. John-Fisher Company

The St. John-Fisher Company ( is a digital media and publishing company creating original content for the web and traditional media. Founded by award-winning children’s television writer Stewart St. John and producing partner Todd Fisher, St. John-Fisher features the first scripted supernatural soap California Heaven, as well as children’s books, music, games and blogs.


  1. Hmmm, not to be negative, but I wouldn't exactly describe this concept as original. Ambitious yes, but definitely not original. I think The Bay looks much better.

  2. Sounds potentially interesting. I'll give it a try since soap and supernatural is a great combo. I did love Passions.

  3. CALIFORNIA HEAVEN is awesome and I'm sooo happy to see it return + think many new (and returning) fans will feel the same way!! Many thanks to We Love Soaps TV for this great article!!

  4. Put that blond and redhead in swimsuits and I'm hooked.

  5. This looks fantastic and I'm really excited to see this! Also good to read they have so many episodes... a lot of the other indie soaps only have like 10 and it makes not very much fun to watch cause you don't know if they will ever come back!

  6. I have noticed both on this post, as well as an interview with these guys, that several comments get made about how normal online soaps are hard to watch because there are only a limited number of episodes. This site is supposed to support and encourage the indie soap. Compare the budget that these guys had to work with to the other soaps on this site. These are shows with significantly less funding, so the mine's bigger than your's tactic is a little disrespectful. Episode count should not be the focus. Quality and support of this COMMUNITY should be what matters.

  7. Don't support this Web Soap! When this article was written, Stewart St John and Todd Fisher were developing their Music, Books and SFN website while living RENT FREE in our condo. We are a humble trusting family of 6 and cannot afford to support these two Able-bodied Men. See them for who they are. Don’t be Duped!! Get to know the real Stewart St John, artist and con-artist. Be Aware: During the past 7 1/2 MOS. Of 2011, St John and his partner, T. Fisher have made promises to pay condo rent & late fees of over $20,000 w/tales of large WGA residual & FOX checks owed them- ‘all in the mail’. Not a Penny has been paid. We Are Not their Sponsors and Do not wish to Support their Online Soap Opera Dribble. A Verifiable small claims court case is now pending against them in Los Angeles Superior Court, Santa Clarita Court House. Case # 11S00731 & 11S00732 Court Calendar date 11/18/11″

  8. It's CALIFORNIA HELL, not Heaven because StJohn & Fisher won't pay the over $20,000 of condo rent they owe us this year. Rent went unpaid WHILE they were developing THIS & other silly soap operas. Shh.. They don't want anyone to know that 2 able-bodied men can't/ won't pay the rent when they CHOOSE to stay home to develop their Soap Operas, instead of getting paying jobs. We're not their sponsors, their bank, nor their family. Even their friends and family haven't come to their rescue. Why then have we been footing the bill for their rent? Because they been promising us their WGA residual checks and FOX checks. Amazingly, none have arrived!? BOTTOMLINE: We believed these two men were honest folks with integrity & character. Sadly, they are neither. They've taken advantage of us & shown themselves to be untrustworthy & irresponsible, Soap Opera villan-like. (Sorry, if the truth offends.) See you in California ---- Court fellas. Tell it to the Judge..