Saturday, May 7, 2011

NEWS: Ronn Moss, Trevor Donovan, Colin Egglesfield

Ronn Moss still bold after 24 years
For Ridge, that's meant six marriages (not all of them to Brooke, "But if you count all the engagements and almost-weddings, I think it tallies up to about 11"); digging another wife Taylor's body out of the ground because Ridge wasn't convinced she was dead; strolling the streets of Venice with Brooke ahead of yet another wedding, stripping down in an elevator, and thousands of those piercing soapie "looks" which end each scene.

Moss won't be drawn on the most cringingly embarrassing storyline he's played - "They've all had their relevance" - but concedes that "a couple were dicey."

90210: Trevor Donovan on Teddy's rocky year and the soap's next season, which will feature 'changes everywhere'
“I think that’s why the bullying does happen, and the teasing,” he said. “People bully and tease about things they don’t understand, that they’re scared of. So this is enlightening people and bringing it into the mainstream… I think it’s important to educate people, and I’m proud to be part of it.” He also revealed that Teddy will take another huge step toward accepting his sexuality in 90210‘s big prom episode, which airs May 9: “Teddy ends up taking Marco,” the sweet boy he starts dating for real in tonight’s show.

Bangkok: TV soap opera to receive tighter rating/airtime
The Ministry of Culture will tighten control on the television soap opera rating system and stipulated time slots for any shows which are deemed unsuitable for children and youth in the wake of the recent DOK SOM SI THONG craze.

Colin Egglesfield on his ALL MY CHILDREN experience: Like a 'second family'
"It became a second family for me because I was spending so much time with the same people, and doing so much work in such a short amount of time," said Egglesfield. "Everyone's always knocking soap opera actors, but soap opera actors are some of the most talented people I've ever worked with, because normally, we're shooting a 90-page script every day. In regular film or tv, you're shooting maybe three to five pages every day."

The cast of TINSEL meets with NEXT
The soap debuted on television screens in 2008, with Lagos as its location. It is now prepping for its fourth season. During introductions, Victor Olaotan, who plays the role of Fred Ade-Williams, the patriarch of the advertising family, confessed that his character in the soap clashes most times with his personality in real life. He attributes this to the time and hard work involved in filming the series. Iretiola Doyle confirmed this, saying, “TINSEL has taken over my life, from the usual three hours to 12 hours.”

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