Monday, May 23, 2011

NEWS: P&G Expands Web Presence, Genie Francis, Jeff Branson, BAFTAs

Soap Opera Demise Expands P&G, NBC Efforts
Rich DelCore, P&G's director of global brand entertainment and VP of its Productions unit, says one impetus that set the company looking for new media platforms was the demise of soap operas that P&G has historically been involved with -- GUIDING LIGHT and AS THE WORLD TURNS.

"We saw that there were white spaces online where consumers weren't being served and after that we launched with NBC Digital. And we started looking at other places where we felt there wasn't a lot of great content or communities."

Genie Francis gets ‘Restless’ about daytime’s future
On Friday, the day after her 49th birthday, she debuts on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Genevieve Atkinson, the antagonistic mother of Ethan “Cane” Ashby, who was murdered on the show earlier this year. Francis says her character is “driven by a need for revenge and has developed sociopathic tendencies, shall we say.”

“It’s the end of an era, but I am very proud to have been a part of it,” she says about the cancellation of several daytime soaps, with a mixture of sadness and pride. “Everything comes to an end — that’s just the way it is, you know?”

Jeff Branson returning to Y&R?
The actor tweeted on Friday: "i may have some good news for ronan fans"

WATCH: Teaser for Showtime's HOMELAND
A new psychological thriller coming this fall to Showtime.

Revealed: The £15m-a-year BBC charity spends on overseas aid for 'soap operas, sex education and radio shows'
The little-known BBC World Service Trust has offices around the world which employ some 600 people spending some £15m-a-year on international work. A romantic soap opera, Iraqi radio station and a climate change campaign in Africa have received millions of pounds.

Suburban soap fans try to save show
The recent cancellation of ALL MY CHILDREN devastated Pat Dedinas, an Antioch woman who’s watched the soap opera “since Erica Kane was 17.”

“I feel like I’m losing my family,” said Dedinas, 68. “I wish there were somewhere I could go to protest.”

Since there isn’t, Dedinas did what any angry fan would do: boycott the ABC network, and bombard them with protest emails, letters and phone calls. She even hung a handmade, obituary-like protest sign on her front door with a photo of the ALL MY CHILDREN cast.

EASTENDERS earned the BAFTA TV Award for Best Continuing Drama. THE ROAD TO CORONATION STREET won for Single Drama.

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