Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NEWS: John Yorke, Daytime Landscape, Taylor Momsen, Alison Sweeney

BBC Exec Responds to ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE Cancellations
John Yorke, BBC's Controller of Continuing Drama and the man behind shows like EASTENDERS, said: "Our primetime soaps are much more resilient. Partly there are more people available to watch, but also they reach a wider demographic, so at their best they still offer something for everybody. All TV audiences have dropped here from a high of maybe 15 years ago, and some like HEARTBEAT and THE BILL have been lost, but the survivors work well because they're properly funded and — most of the time — are actually pretty good."

The Happy Death of Soap Operas
Jennifer Grant writes: "Although it’s true that fewer women choose to – or can afford to – stay home during the early years of their children’s lives, and that 'housewives' were the audience for which these shows were created, there are still plenty of people at home during the day. Telecommuters, the unemployed, college students – as well as patchwork, freelancing, work-at-home, primary caregivers like me – are among them.

"But the majority of us who pad around in our tube socks and sweats choose to click around on Facebook and watch cooking shows in our spare time rather than follow the antics, adultery, and amnesia of soap opera characters these days. I don’t think that the shows have changed; instead, we have."

How Media Buyers Can Take Advantage Of The Changing Daytime TV Landscape
Those who know their customers are devising various approaches to the next six months of their daytime media planning. The soap backlash has shown it's not safe to assume that daytime TV watchers equal sedentary stay-at-home moms, while TV networks' research has told them that producing non-serialized shows that do not have to be watched daily is less costly, more convenient, and more relevant to today's daytime viewers.

Meanwhile, demographically targeted websites and blogs are consolidating and growing, offering promising placement opportunities for advertisers who know how to find the best avenues for their messaging. Strong negotiators who understand both network and cable TV -- and their multi-dimensional aspects -- are in a position to deliver superior value for their clients in the coming year.

Black Soap: Daytime's African-American Characters
The recent cancellation of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE might signal the end of soap operas' decades-long reign. The Root looks back at some of the memorable characters -- and tangled plotlines -- that made them fun to watch.

GOSSIP GIRL: Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr Not Returning For Season 5
A source close to the show confirms that the two actresses will not be returning as series regulars for the CW soap’s upcoming fifth season, but added that both have been invited back on a guest star basis.

Alison Sweeney directed at DAYS OF OUR LIVES
The actress tweeted on Sunday that she would be directing the episode shot on Monday.

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