Thursday, April 21, 2011

CLASSIC CLIP: Brian Frons as God 1989

During the wedding of Mason Capwell (in his alternate identity of Sonny Sprickett and played by Lane Davies) to Gina Timmons (played by Robin Mattson) on SANTA BARBARA in 1989, Mason was shot and lapsed into a coma. He "woke up" in God's all-white heavenly waiting room. But didn't the chamber look more like an all-white version of a network vice president's office? Sure enough, mounted on the wall was an all-white peacock with the initials GBC. (God's Broadcasting Company). God was played by NBC's vice president for daytime, Brian Frons. Watch the clip below.


  1. Santa Barbara has been very prophetic ...
    In 1989 Brian Frons was Vice President of NBC Daytime and in fact he also decided the fate of Santa Barbara.
    In that case he decided to give Mason Capwell a second chance and do awaken from a coma ...
    Perhaps AMC and OLTL deserve a second chance.
    Come on Mr. Frons!
    I am pierin26, always faithful and devoted fan of my Santa Barbara ... and I'm Italian: P