Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ABC Responds to Hoover Ad Boycott: You don't save something by taking money away

Hoover posted a statement on Facebook saying it will pull all advertising from ABC effective April 22 to protest the cancellation of the network's daytime soaps ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

An ABC executive, requesting anonymity, contacted TV Guide Magazine to offer the network's POV. "Usually advertisers stop advertising when they want to cancel a show, not the other way around," states the suit. "We've said that the cancellation of AMC and OLTL was about money and ratings, so [the Hoover boycott] is just counterintuitive. You don't save something by taking money away."


  1. We know what they said but nobody believes them. Please, like all of a sudden they care about saving the show? This is about money but its called greed. This "person" speaks anonymously for a reason. Just another coward hiding behind their ABC desk.

  2. Well, in my book, ABC showed a remarkable lack of care for their ABC daytime audience by pulling not one but TWO shows off the air on the same day.

    I think what Hoover did in support of ABC daytime fans is marvelous, and I will always think of Brian Frons in particular as a "soap killer."

    The shows lost ratings under HIS watch, and rather than solve the problem by hiring quality writers who CARE, he simply chose to destroy two shows.

    How often do shows last as long as AMC and OLTL have? Not often. Yet they were summarily dismissed.

    But hey, we get yet another show about food and one about health.

    I'm sure we're all very excited about THAT, aren't we?

  3. Honestly, I get what they are saying. Not advertising during the soaps which is my understanding what they are doing. Doesn't help AMC and OLTL. Those ad dollars help the budgets of the shows. The only way this ad boycot will work is if BIG MONEY advertisers pull theirs add for ALL of ABC or only put ads during the soaps.

  4. He said, "You don't save something by taking money away"...MAYBE, BUT FIRST WE MUST GET YOUR ATTENTION ABC!!!

  5. Maybe we take away a little of the lining of Frons/Sweeney's pockets.

  6. What Hoover did was awesome since it did show they cared. I have to wonder about someone who doesn't even want to have their name revealed. Hoover certainly got their attention. This is deja vu NBC since that network killed the most soap out of all three networks but now ABC has caught up with them.

    If they cared about saving these soaps why didn't they do something about it? This is just sad because when I first started watching soaps there were twelve on and now there are just six and all too soon it will just be four. Hell I'd rather have the soaps on for four days a week if that meant they stayed on the air.

    Oh yeah I'm so thrilled that a show called The Chew is going to be on. I'm about as thrilled as I was when Passions was cancelled so another damn hour could be added to the Today show.