Monday, March 21, 2011

Maurice Benard's 'Confession' Coming to DVD in July

In his recent interview with WE LOVE SOAPS TV, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Maurice Benard spoke about working on outside projects including the indie film, Confession. We have now learned that the movie is available online for weekly rentals at

Producers are also working on making the film available on DVD through in July 2011.


  1. I'm going to rent this tonight.

  2. i'm so glad i am actually able to see this movie somewhere, even if it is on my computer (i prefer watching movies on my big screen tv). i will def rent it though cuz it didn't come to NY. I also can't wait for the DVD to hit on amazon. i have been searching that site and googling for a copy ever since i heard of this film a yr ago. i've only seen the 2 small clips posted online. can't wait to see the film. i love maurice benard!