Monday, February 28, 2011

WATCH: Premiere Episode of PIECES

PIECES is a new web series that premiered on Sunday from the mind of Dylann Bobei and starring a stellar cast of enthusiastic individuals.

Jacob Clarke leads an ordinary life until the day he finds out he has a brain tumor. It is around this time that he begins to hear the "Voice" call to him for the first time. Initially ignoring it, he is eventually persuaded to listen and eventually, comes to realize that the "Voice" is not merely a side effect of his cancer, but rather, something else entirely. Led by the "Voice", Jacob's life is turned upside down and he is forced to abandon his old world and run head first into an entirely new one, evading the police and an entire gang syndicate while he's at it.

Each season of PIECES begins with a montage of seemingly random images and clips. These will appear periodically throughout the season allowing the audience an opportunity to spot these "pieces" and attempt to piece together the overall fabric of the show as they go along.

On the premiere episode of PIECES, a freak accident turns Jacob Clarke's life upside down and everything begins to change when he is approached for the first time by "The Voice".

Watch it below.

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