Friday, February 4, 2011

NEWS: Michael Fairman, Sally Kellerman, Darren Criss, Ryan Reynolds

Marcy Rylan to guest on $#*! MY DAD SAYS on Feb. 10
"Lock and Load" - With a burglar on the loose in their neighborhood, Ed wants to use his prized gun for protection, but Rosemary shoots down the idea. Also, Vince and Bonnie look for some extra help during their trip to a fertility clinic, on $*#! MY DAD SAYS, Thursday, Feb. 10 (8:31-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Jean Smart returns as Ed's neighbor, Rosemary Pernworth. Guest stars also include television producer Laura Kightlinger as Nancy, a fertility clinic nurse, and Marcy Rylan (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) as Rebecca, an old acquaintance of Henry's.

Y&R's Michael Fairman shares his experiences with the Church of Scientology
"My friendship with those of you who have spoken with me this past week, and others whom I have known and cared about over the years, is not based on the policies or dictates of the Church; and if my change of heart regarding my membership in it causes us to separate, so be it. That makes me very sad. Sad because it is dictated that you take what I have done as a personal attack and
betrayal. I can only say, and I have looked at this very seriously and as truthfully as I am able, that were the situation reversed, I would remain true to you — because to me, that is the profound meaning of friendship."

HOD is a a dramedy that centers on a New York City doctor who inherits a small medical practice in the South. Leila Gerstein, who wrote the pilot, is executive producing with Schwartz, Stephanie Savage and Len Goldstein.

Written and executive produced by Robert Harling with Darren Star attached as an exec producer, this primetime soap is set in Dallas and asks the question – Is it possible to start over in a town that thinks they already know you?

90210: Oscar Nominee Sally Kellerman Cast as Annie's New Boss
Kellerman will play Marla, a faded movie star-turned-hoarder who’s losing control of her Grey Gardens-esque existence. The low-budget Norma Desmond — who is showing signs of dementia — hires Annie (Shanae Grimes) to de-clutter her house.

Watch: Darren Criss and The Warblers Perform Destiny's Child — 'Bills Bills Bills'
The Dalton Warblers do Destiny's Child on the upcoming Glee Super Bowl special.

Kevin Williamson Joins CW's SECRET CIRCLE, VAMPIRE DIARIES Companion Show On Hold
THE VAMPIRE DIARIES co-creator Williamson has notified the CW that his busy schedule on DIARIES, which he is executive producing with fellow co-creator Julie Plec, has not allowed him to focus on fleshing out and writing the new project, about a group of people who investigate paranormal happenings.

WATCH: Teenagers thank the Parents Television Council
SPOOF: Teenagers would like to thank the conservative watchdog group, The Parents Television Council, for alerting them about nudity and illicit activity in MTV's new show SKINS. They can't wait to watch it!

CLASSIC CLIP: Ryan Reynolds on Canadian soap FIFTEEN


  1. Guys, that Fairman link is amazing.

    Now (pretty please!) pull out the investigative hat and find out which female Scientologist co-star from Y&R called poor Mr. Fairman an "enemy". Inquiring minds reeeeeeallly wanna know!

  2. MarkH - I won't mention the name of the actress (this is all unsubstantiated at this time) but it's fairly well known that one of the Y&R leads is a Scientologist.

    The bigger question is - if she really told Fairman he had an enemy at work, this is then the second performer at Y&R she has had a questionable encounter with. (At least she didn't spit in Fairman's face.)

    It's an interesting piece of information......and may give additional credence to the claims of performer #1 about how uncomfortable she felt on set around the Y&R Scientologist.

  3. ...after more seems there are TWO actresses at Y&R who this could be.

    I'll skip naming names again but hint: the character that the second actress plays has long been in a triangle fighting over the same man with the character of Scientologist #1.

    Neither have a direct storyline with Fairman, so who knows who it is?

  4. Yes, it's generally known who the two leading actresses are on Y&R who are members of Scientology. But Mr. Fairman specifically wrote ''co-worker'' (as opposed to ''co-star''). IOW, I would take that to mean the offender could also be someone in the production crew.