Tuesday, January 4, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Robin Strasser Responds To Jacqueline Courtney's Passing

Emmy winning legend Robin Strasser played opposite of Jacqueline Courtney on ANOTHER WORLD from 1966-1971, and again briefly in 1972. Their on-screen rivalry as Rachel and Alice set the soap world on fire and sent ANOTHER WORLD to the top of the ratings. In this exclusive statement, Strasser pays tribute to the beautiful Courtney, who passed away on December 20th.

I met Jacquie Courtney when I was cast as Rachel on Another World.
During the years the show was at it's all time height, and set industry-wide standards, it was due in large part to Jacquie Courtney's indelibly romantic incandescence. 

Lucky for me...because, as it turned out Rachel was all about shadow and darkness trying to steal Alice's light.

Alice and Steve...and mean and jealous Rachel.  That was a triangle with edges...and like the show during the time the great Agnes Nixon was Head Writer, it  had an edgy, unpredictable quality to it.

Jacquie's Alice had grace and beauty,  delicacy and strength, that made her a joy to watch. 

She was still going to High School when we met, but she was already a seasoned professional, having worked as a child.  

She would do her own make-up. She had fabulous bone structure, those cheek bones, her perfect nose and full lips.  And the bluest eyes...she could connect immediately with her emotions, and I'd envy that she could cry and still look pretty, pretty, pretty.

She was the girl you wanted to be...if only. She was the sister/daughter you wished you had. She was the friend you wanted to have.

I am grateful to your website for posting this significant tribute, which gives her fans, and former colleagues the chance to recognize and celebrate the life and contributions of this wonderful woman.


  1. Miss Strasser has always been a class act.

  2. Love that you're getting these reflections from old friends of Jacquie Courtney. Can you get a statement from Erika Slezak and Bob Woods too? Hope OLTL will pay tribute to her at the end of a show, like they did for Gerry Anthony.

  3. What a lovely and gracious statement from Robin Strasser. It is very gratifying to read kind words spoken about this charismatic actress. Paul Rauch and Harding LeMay never gave her any credit for the popularity of AW. The comments by Ms. Strasser are very gratifying to the actresses many fans. One can certainly argue re: the quality of the actresses work but not the way she connected with the viewers- something that transcends the technical aspects of the art of acting. Thank you welovesoaps.net. and to Robin.

  4. What a nice statement from Ms. Strasser. One soap icon admitting her admiration for another. Pure class.

    I would enjoy hearing from more of Ms. Courtney's Another World colleagues. Would it be possible to get comments from folks such as Beverly Penberthy, Victoria Wyndham, and Virginia Dwyer?

    Thank you WE LOVE SOAPS, for acknowledging the loss of this beloved actress.

  5. I appreciate reading Robin's compassionate & loving statements about Jacquie & how they both created acting magic on AW.

  6. Thank you We Love Soaps for pursuing these exclusive interviews and recognizing your audience is saddened by the loss of these performers who were a part of their lives on a daily basis for years. I too appreciate the touching comments from Ms. Strasser.

  7. I have been incredibly touched by the sentiments and stories shared not only by my mother’s former colleagues but also by her fans on so many websites and message boards. THANK YOU!! My mother would never have believed anybody really remembered her, let alone cared. She always said, “That was so long ago!” The comments that you have taken the time to write have simultaneously brought smiles and tears to my face. My mother was an amazing individual, so strong and giving and funny...if I could be just half the woman she was, I would consider myself blessed. And your many lovely remarks make me feel blessed, as well!

  8. Thank you, Robin, for your kind words. My cousin Jacquie would often speak of you, back in the day when you worked together. I was only in the 6th grade then, and my friends would joke, "Oh, so Alice & Rachel are FRIENDS in real life ???"

  9. Thank you for sharing these wonderful comments. Jennifer, if you read this, I would like to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I had the pleasure of meeting your mother when I was a teenager and keeping in touch with her for a short period of time. That was very special for me and I admired her greatly-Jodi

  10. One of my fondest memories as a soap fan of longstanding was my absolute love for the pairing of Alice and Steven on Another World. Oh how I loved them -- and loved to hate the hater, Rachel!. I remember rushing home from school to catch the show at 3 p.m. (this was way before vcrs!) I missed seeing Jacquie on the daytime scene in recent years and now I will miss her all the more. God bless.

  11. Although I was young when I watched the show, I still remember Jacqueline Courtney. I always thought she was SO beautiful!