Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year With Matthew Ashford!

You have seen him play roles on daytime that have shocked, amused, and even disgusted fans.  But one thing we can safely say about Matthew Ashford is that he is one of the most fascinating, unpredictable, and compelling actors to ever embrace the soap landscape.  Fortunately, daytime fans can catch him in the new and original indie soap THE BAY.  In this rare interview from August 2010, We Love Soaps TV delves into the thoughts and spiritual beliefs behind the actor's craft, as well as his excitement about the new landscape of indie soaps. 

Part One - This legendary daytime actor discussed the coming together of talent for THE BAY, as well as how Buddhism has impacted his craft

Part Two - Ashford reflected on his unforgettable roles on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW and DAYS OF OUR LIVES.  From what Broadway musical did he draw inspiration during Jack's reign of terror on DAYS?

Part Three - Ashford discussed the impact of his work on DAYS, as well as learning to "play" with his costars.  Which beloved DAYS veteran did he make mad?   

Part Four - Ashford shared his thoughts behind Jack's "quirks," as well as what happened to his character when James Reilly became headwriter of DAYS.  Why was Jack always dying under Reilly's pen?

Part Five - The beloved actor reflected on his post DAYS roles.  What went wrong on GH? Did he know Jack was coming to life on DAYS? And is Jack heading back to Salem now? Find out here.

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