Thursday, December 16, 2010

New DALLAS Ready To Move On Without Larry Hagman Over Money

After one of the longest courtships in recent TV history, TNT is prepared to proceed with its DALLAS reboot without original star Larry Hagman over salary issues, according to's Nellie Andreeva.

While Gray and Duffy had agreed to join the pilot, the network and the studio have not been able to reach a deal with Hagman who has been holding out for more money. (Make that a lot of money.) With the situation at a stalemate more than 3 months in, I hear the project's producers have come up with an alternative plan for the project that doesn't include Hagman, with J.R. represented only through archive footage from the original series.

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  1. Hagman must not understand that this is a basic cable program, not network, and that since it's a first year series, salaries will be capped.