Monday, November 29, 2010

Are Sesame Street and GENERAL HOSPITAL the same show?

I recently had the opportunity to read the fascinating book "Street Gang: The Complete History Of Sesame Street" by Michael Davis.  It traces the origins of the groundbreaking children's show, as well as the backstage politics and issues that have surrounded the show since its inception.  While enjoying this history, I couldn't help but notice some similarities between this show and the ABC soap GENERAL HOSPITAL.  It may sound strange, but let the evidence speak for itself:

GENERAL HOSPITAL                                              SESAME STREET
-Responded to ratings decline in late '90s by                -Responded to ratings decline in late '80s by
 retooling show around fan fave Sonny                         retooling show around fan fave Elmo
-Takes place in New York                                            -Takes place in New York
-Introduced first HIV+ mobster named Stone               -Introduced first HIV+ muppet named Kami
-Dealt sensitively with real-life loss of John                  -Dealt sensitively with real-life loss of Will Lee
 Beradino (Steve)                                                        (Mr. Hooper)
-Ignored tragic off-screen death of Shell                      -Ignored tragic off-screen death of Northern
  Kepler (Amy) in 2003                                                Calloway (David) in 1990
-Produced a 6-year spinoff (PORT CHARLES)                -Produced a 5-year spinoff (MUPPET SHOW)
 that featured a vampire obsessed with getting the        that featured Gonzo obsessed with getting the
 love of a girl named Livvie.                                         love of a chicken named Camilla.
-Unceremoniously back burnered Nurse Bobbie            -Unceremoniously back burnered Nurse Susan
 (Jacklyn Zeman) in the late '90s.                                  (Dr. Loretta Long) in the late '90s.
-Brought Luke & Laura out of hiding to critical              -Brought Snuffleupagus out of hiding to critical
 acclaim.                                                                     acclaim.
-Utilized the singing talents of Rosalind Cash               -Utilized the singing talents of Rosalind Cash
-Hit #1 in Target Demo (18-34yrs) in May 2010           -Hit #1 in Target Demo (2-4yrs) in May 2010
-Regularly spotlights the non-sexual bromance            -Regularly spotlights the non-sexual bromance
 between Sonny and Jason                                           between Ernie and Bert

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