Friday, November 5, 2010

WLS Theater Review: "Into the Woods"

Ever wonder what happened after Rapunzel nabbed her Prince? After Jack chopped down the beanstalk? Or after Cinderella and her man lived "happily ever after?" Are you a fan of GENERAL HOSPITAL's Anthony Geary (Luke), and enjoy sitting side-by-side in an informal venue with your favorite GH stars? If so the new Lucid By Proxy's production of Stephen Sondheim's Tony winning musical "Into the Woods" is a must see for you. 

Of course soap fans are well aware that there is no such thing as "happy ever after."  For every time we've watched a super couple ride off into the sunset, we have seen them return to greater headaches and problems.  Geary's own participation in the fairy tale story of Luke & Laura on GH is the perfect example of a storybook ending that later became a disaster for both characters involved.  "Into The Woods" examines this premise with fascinating, humorous, and enlightening results.

Anthony Geary helps to facilitate the events serving as the show's Narrator, and "Mysterious Man."  His authority, dignity, and musical talent help him to command the stage so that you simply cannot look away.  The attributes that make him compelling as scene-stealing Luke are brought to vivid life on stage resulting him mesmerizing and enchanting the audience.  At the same time, he is surrounded by an enthusiastic and able cast, particularly David Pevsner as the heart-filled Baker, Valerie Rachelle as the morally challenged Baker's Wife, Jessica Pennington's fierce portrayal of the Witch, and Johnny Cannizzaro hysterical embodiment of the hungry love-sick cow Milky White.

S.A.S.S. - Short Attention Soap Summary:

WHAT IS IT: "Into the Woods," directed by Calvin Remsberg, featuring GH's Anthony Geary, playing at Big Arts Lab (651 Clover Street in Los Angeles) until November 20th.

WHY SOAP FANS WILL LOVE IT: The Greatest Soap Actor singing and dancing mere inches in front of you?  How can you resist? Not to mention Geary has a lot of friends and co-stars who will be coming to see the show.  Roger & I sat right in front of Nathan Parsons (Ethan), who recently finished a heralded run in his own show.

BOTTOM LINE: This fun show appeals to anyone who has ever enjoyed witnessing the highs and lows of soap super couples, or anyone who has ever question traditional ideas of "romance." Plus soap fans will appreciate how the story continues even after a "happy ending."

VERDICT: You don't need to go into the woods to enjoy this show, just into industrial downtown Los Angeles.  Don't miss the great opportunity, buy tickets here!

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