NEWS: Vincent Irizarry, 3GUYS+Zeman, Dylan Patton, CORRIE

3rd Annual Give Up Your Shoulds Day will feature call-in show with Jacklyn Zeman
Damon L. Jacobs will be joined by GENERAL HOSPITAL legend Jacklyn Zeman at 2 p.m. ET on November 1st for a one hour call-in show. People will be invited to call and discuss the "should" they are willing to try to give up for one day, and any obstacles to having a "should-less" day.

Vincent Irizarry debuts as Gladys Magazine columnist, regular column starts in January
"Nearly forty-two long years have passed since the day of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's assassination, yet it's a day I will personally never forget. I say this despite my only eight years of age on April 4th, 1968, and despite the fact that I am not, nor will I most likely ever be, a person of "color" by my nation's standards. For not one of those anniversaries past has gone by without the recorded memory of that historic week's end resonating from my own childhood. It's a memory that never fails to underscore for me just how painfully fragile race relations have often been in our country and, even more important, to offer up an encouraging reminder of our incremental, though substantive, growth."

Dylan Patton's film First Strike being distributed in Japan
Written, directed, and produced by Steven Bratter, First Strike follows a former expert in the US military's top-secret, psychic spy program as he races to stop an incurable, bio-engineered virus that could end civilization as we know it.

Deep Soap: Why Do ABC Soap Teens Keep Visiting Hookers?
Sara Bibel writes: "There are some universal coming of age experiences: first kiss, first car, first dance. If you’re a teenage boy on ABC Daytime, you can add first hooker to the list."

CORRIE set lit up by explosion
Fire and debris have been seen rising above the Coronation Street set as the first scenes in the dramatic tram crash storyline were filmed. Peter Barlow, Julie Carp, Hayley Cropper, Ken Barlow, Izzy Armstrong, Carla Connor, Steve McDonald and his dad Jim were among the characters spotted arriving at the Manchester studios on Monday night, according to The Daily Mirror, meaning they could all be possible victims of the crash.

Sue Perkins calls for more realistic portrayals of gay and lesbians
Comedian and presenter Sue Perkins has called on broadcasters to give more realistic portrayals of gay and lesbian people in television. Her article in The Guardian echo the findings of a report commissioned by the BBC on LGBT coverage. The report concluded that while coverage had improved with more visible presence of gay characters on television there was still some improvements to be made.

James Franco Gender Bends Our Minds
The actor/college student/artist is all dolled up on the latest cover of Candy, a transvestite fashion magazine. The bi-yearly magazine only prints a 1,000 copies so grab one while you can!

Miss Trigg County Pageant features Y&R fan
Found it interesting Y&R got a mention in a pageant contestants interests: "Nikki is a junior at Trigg County High School where she is parlimentarian of the Trigg County chapter of FFA, on the Prom Committee, FEA, Pep Club and Interact. She is a dancer and dance instructor at Angel’s School. She enjoys mudding, riding horses, watching football, spending time with friends and family, watching THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and HAWAII FIVE-0. Upon graduation from high school, she plans on attending Austin Peay State University (undergrad university of Roger Newcomb) to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical field."

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