Monday, October 4, 2010

NEWS: Susan Lucci, Byrne, Gauthier, Rambin, Fillion, Rowell

Susan Lucci and Her Husband Discuss His Heart Condition (AFib), Stroke Prevention
Helmut Huber: My legs start shaking, I was so terrified. I was healthy as an ox, never had any symptoms, not to mention how there was no history of it in my family.
Susan Lucci: Thank God I was home. My only focus at that moment was to find out what Helmut had. I started calling everyone I knew and was soon led to St. Francis Hospital in Long Island, which not only is 10 minutes from our home, but they had a great team of cardiologists.

Leven Rambin survives car crash
Rambin's friend Tayler Shields: "When Leven text me and said she had been in a car crash I thought it was a fender bender until I was sent this photo! This is serious and when I saw her bruises today I realized how intense it really was!"

PHOTOS: Demise of soaps a boon to Long Lake, New York in the form of "An Adirondack Affair"
"It really is all about downsizing in corporate America," says soap bet Martha Byrne, the award-winning actress who spent more than two decades on AS THE WORLD TURNS. "It involves a lot of different aspects of how the world is changing. Something that's worked for 54 years, why is it gone? What changed, not just in the world and the genre, but what happened behind the scenes to affect those changes?"

"The Simpson trial was a real-life soap opera unfolding on TV," says ALL MY CHILDREN's Fritz Brekeller, one of the participants at the Long Lake's event. "By the time it ended, a lot of people who were in the habit of watching soaps discovered that they didn't need to watch them as much anymore."

Krista Allen to guest on LIFE UNEXPECTED
Allen plays a very wealthy socialite who pops into Season 2's ninth episode.

Nathan Fillion on his ONE LIFE TO LIVE experience
"I’ll never look down on and I love running into actors who say “Oh yeah, I did a soap.” I say 'Tell me which one!' It’s like being a member of a secret society. I was lucky. I’ve told this story a million times, but Bob Woods, who played my uncle, he said, 'Have you got a minute?' He took me into his dressing room. He cracked a beer and said, here’s what’s going to happen. He said producers were going to come to me and ask me to renegotiate my contract. Here’s what you’re going to tell them: You’re gonna say no. You keep saying no. They’re going to make it difficult for you to say no, but say no. Pack your bags and move to Los Angeles. And try. And if it doesn’t work out? They’ll fire whoever’s in your place and take you back. I would not have had the courage to do that unless he had that talk with me. It wasn’t a month later when the producers approached me exactly that way. And I left."

Dan Gauthier paying another visit to ONE LIFE TO LIVE
Gauthier will reprise the role of Kevin starting Thursday, November 18.

Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva: The Business Behind the Bubbles
Victoria Rowell writes on the Huffington Post: "In a story referenced by Conde Nast, over 40% of The Young and Restless audience is watched by African Americans, overwhelmingly black women. So why are their voices ignored? Bell Dramatic Serial Company's THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS is more than a soap opera, it's an institution, and has enjoyed the spoils of loyal black viewers for decades and generationally, while simply refusing to reinvest in that very demographic to the extent it should. Though serious demands have been made by its black audience and more, Y&R owners and producers casually allow casting to trade one African American actor out for another as if revolutionary and adequate."

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