Monday, October 11, 2010

NEWS: Bill Roache, Larry Hagman, Ty Treadway, THE TALK

Who needs broadcast? Cable's originals reach critical mass
Some of the best dramas on television are original cable productions, particularly in this lackluster season for the broadcast networks. Cable networks are thriving on bold originals, defining themselves through the scripted programs they offer. Michael Wright, who is responsible for all original programming for TBS, TNT and TCM, concludes that "the marriage of original programming to a brand and an identity is crucial."

THE TALK's executive producer wants to shape television
“I want to shape television around these women; I don’t want to have television shape them,” says Brad Bessey. “We’re going to have 200 live audience members each day, and the set is very close to the audience. We’re going to talk to both the studio audience and to viewers at home via Twitter, Facebook and the Internet. We want to have interaction and live feedback.”

CORRIE's Bill Roache: 'Ken has evolved'
"When people ask me why I've played the same role for 50 years, I try to explain that I haven't. Because like all human beings, and thanks to clever scriptwriters, Ken has evolved. He's been married three times, had 24 girlfriends and is head of a totally dysfunctional family. He has a son who is an alcoholic bigamist and a daughter who is a convicted murderer. How many actors get the chance to perform scenes with meaty content like that?"

It’s Not Nice to Mess With J.R.
Mr. Hagman, who recently returned from Europe, where he made personal appearances for DALLAS fans, said he was surprised by the securities arbitration panel award but felt it was justified. “I hire people to take care of these things for me,” he said in an interview. “I felt a little bit taken advantage of.”

Ty Treadway enjoying DAYS OF OUR LIVES and duel role
"It's always fun to play two different roles as an actor," he said. "You really need to establish firm character traits for each role and I always try very hard to get into the psyche of the character I'm playing."

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