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Soap Hobbies
Pittsburgh Press
January 7, 1968

Acting is perhaps one of the more glamorous of occupations but some of the pressures and demands of the profession have caused many of television's actors and actresses to retreat behind a satisfying hobby after the show.

Such is the case for many of the cast of NBC's DAYS OF OUR LIVES, the Monday-through-Friday dramatic series (2 p.m. Channels 6, 7, 11).

Each morning the Horton family and significant outsiders on the show get involved in some pretty emotional crises either in Dr. Tom Horton's (Macdonald Carey) hospital office or at the home he shares with Mrs. Horton (Frances Reid).

Offstage, members of the cast retreat to homes in Beverly Hills, North Hollywood, the downtown section of Los Angeles, as far as 50 miles away, to unwind and pursue their various hobbies.

Susan Flannery is a seamstress by avocation; Macdonald Carey plays chess; Denise Alexander (Susan) enjoys painting; Marie Cheatham (Dr. Horton's daughter) has the unusual hobby of spectacle collection; Regina Gleason (Kitty) practices antiquing, and Frances Reid (Mrs. Horton) cooks.

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