Wednesday, October 6, 2010


BEING VICTOR is the story of Vinnie Dupe (Dean Smith from BBC1’s WATERLOO ROAD) and his online alter-ago, blogger Victor Sage. It follows Vinnie and his mates as they muddle their way through college, family, work and the nightmarish rules of teenage life.

Vinnie Dupe is small, smart and be-spectacled. He’s the underdog’s underdog with a love of graphic novels. He’s living proof that nice guys really do finish last. Vinnie’s in search of his true identity, but his social ineptitude and a love for anything with a cult following (obscure rock bands, Monty Python and Dr Who) are undoubtedly holding him back. What Vinnie has going for him is a quick, dry wit… unfortunately, with the exception of best friends Doyle and Eva, most people don’t listen to him long enough to realise it. So step forward alter ego Victor – blogging Superman to Vinnie’s Clark Kent.

As Victor, Vinnie can be confident and outspoken, giving him just enough power to offset his delusions of adequacy – as well as affording him the opportunity to tinker in the affairs of Eva and new beau, Danny. Vinnie’s torch for Eva burns brightly, but when he meets fellow sci-fi lover Rachel, he’ll begin to question the obsessive nature of his relationship with Eva…Is it possible – could Vinnie actually be getting a life?

BEING VICTOR is MTV’s inaugural digital only program, debuted at on Tuesday, September 7. Currently nine episodes have aired. Catch up at

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