Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cady McClain Releases ‘Here Comes Love’

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Cady McClain Releases 'Here Comes Love'
By Tracie Powell
Guest Editorial

McClain showed off her beautiful voice in 2006 with the release of "Blue Glitter Fish," an album that can best be described as semi-equal parts country, folk, blues, jazz and pop. With this month's release of her newest single, "Here Comes Love," she proves yet again the versatility of her musical styling.

The song, a fun pop tune almost in the vein of KT Tunstall, is part of McClain's forthcoming sophomore album entitled "Live At Club Passim." She took the name from the legendary Harvard Square club that features nightly shows of acoustic music, blues, jazz, poetry and art exhibits. She recorded the CD while doing a live gig at the Cambridge club in 2007.

Not only is she an actress and singer, McClain is also an accomplished artist and writer (she's published two books and is busy working on a third).

"I know, you thought I was lying about new songs, but really and truly I would NOT DO THAT!" McClain wrote on her blog a few days ago. "I’m just soooo slooow with my art type work that everybody falls asleep and takes a nap and when they wake up they think that I wrote them and put them out there already ( I AM WORKING ON IT!).

When last we saw McClain, her WORLD TURNS character Rosanna appeared destined to once again hook-up romantically with flawed villain Craig Montgomery (why Rosanna, why???). Jon Lindstrom (ex-Craig) is McClain's real-life beau, by the way. Viewers, unfortunately, were deprived of McClain's vocals just as we were deprived of much of her screen presence on WORLD TURNS in recent years. But she was there for us in the end, right where she belonged.

And now, thanks to time and opportunity, we get to hear more of her voice.

McClain collaborated with old friend, singer Frank Stone, in putting together "Here Comes Love." "We had fun doing it," she says, "and that’s the point!"

McClain promises her new album will be available by Christmas, perhaps as early as Nov. 1 (Here's to holding her accountable).

Click here to listen to a sample of the new song.

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