P&G: Soap Legacy Created Chance To Do Other Shows

In a new article at Cincinatti.com, Procter & Gamble spokeswoman Jeannie Tharrington commented on the end of AS THE WORLD TURNS.

The world has changed radically since "THE WORLD" started spinning stories in 1956 sponsored by Oxydol or Duz detergents, notes P&G spokeswoman Jeannie Tharrington.

“Not only are a lot of women not home anymore, there’s also competition from cable, DVRs and online videos like YouTube,” she said.

“We’re certainly proud of AS THE WORLD TURNS. The legacy soaps that got us into production created a chance for us to do other shows,” Tharrington said.

Longtime star Marie Masters is sad to see P&G out of the soap business.

AS THE WORLD TURNS ends with main character Dr. Bob Hughes (Don Hastings) retiring. The taping was “chaotic and crazy. People were crying and laughing and breaking down,” Masters said.

“They respected the format. I liked that. Life in Oakdale goes on,” Masters said. “But there will never be closure. It’s heart-breaking that they (P&G) are out of the business.”

SOURCE: Cincinnati.com


  1. Marie is (& Susan!) def among my all time classic soap faves. I hope life post-ATWT is full of as much joy for her as she brought to folks like me. Nelson Aspen

  2. Oh Susan! Growing up in a non drinking Baptist house when she was a drunk - fabulous!

    I wish no success to P&G and their WalMart movies. ATWT and the others in their stable deserved better treatment. They were the perfect corporate parent, turning to focus groups and the bottom line to make decisions for them. I understand that Maura West feels the need to kiss some CBS A$$ to get more work, but come on. Between P&G and Babs Bloom/Julie Chen's ever Lusting husband scripted daytime is on the way out at the Tiffany network.

    Michael Parks was completely aware based on any comment attributed to him regarding the cancellation, but it seems that Carly/Maura is in need of the man to keep her happy. Good luck and I hope you get a couple of years out of Y&R before you beloved CBS pulls the plug there too.

    Any comment from the good people of Cincinnati regarding their soaps rings very hollow. They had the chance years ago to save Another World and sat on their hands. Shortly after they eliminated the person who oversaw all the three remaining soaps. They allowed CBS to move GL to a morning time slot and looked the other way when GL was cancelled. It allowed them to exit the scripted business altogether. Telenext held on to the GL sets until spring when it was clear that ATWT was a goner. They auctioned off what was left, and when ATWT wrapped, the were tearing down the sets while still filming. It was as if they couldn't get away fast enough.

    Well, here is my personal gift to P&G. I know they are happily producing everything they can in China. But I am able to read labels, and to do internet searches. With very little effort I have been able to identify every P&G product I used to buy and find a substitute. Ever trip to the store is now a pleasant screw u to the gentle people in Cincinnati. And it feels gooooood.

  3. No. not quite. Not Procter & Gamble. They have signed on to support an upcoming MTV telenovela called, "Pedro and Maria". The thing is, I don't know who soon-to-be executive producers America Ferrera and Ben Silverman will cast, and when will it air.:(

  4. Nice. Same old crap from P&G, just a different day. At this point in time anything anyone from P&G or from CBS has to say about soaps just ends up sounding like how the adults sound in the Charlie Brown specials.

    The bottom line is they wanted out of the soap business and so they were not willing to do any of the simple things needed to increase audience or get new viewers, etc etc.

    I am tired of them blaming the fact that these times, they were a changin' as to why they are canceling their soaps. Why didn't they change with the times? That's what people who want to stay in business do!

    It would be nice if P&G and CBS would just be respectful and honest with us since they honestly still want our money on an annual basis.

    But no, we get this crap. Still...a year after Guiding Light was canceled...and how many years after Another World was canceled...?

    Though we can take heart...besides the viewers/consumers/fans being lied to and treated like a 2 year-old...the sponsors (besides P&G)...those who sincerely want us to buy their products...are being treated the same way and being sold a bill of goods with the current wave of game shows and talk shows coming down the pike.

    I can tell you this...it is not the soaps that are the dinosaurs...it is those at the networks and in the advertising game who need to get out of the way and retire...because they are stuck in the past and not in touch with these times now. I am not sure they are up to speed that we are in a new century and all.