Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NEWS: Jean Passanante on Reid, Kim Zimmer, Barbara Windsor

Former ATWT head writer Jean Passanante on why she killed the character of Reid
Asked how the show settled on this particular ending, Passanante says, “In the back of our minds we thought we'll end the show with a death, a birth, a wedding, a funeral and a retirement. We were sort of trying to encapsulate what happens on a show, in a town, and in life in a short period of time.”

Asked if she’s aware of the backlash from fans, Passanante answers emphatically that she was. “I am aware of it. I was at the Paley Center doing a panel and a couple of people kind of accosted me – this is before it even aired. … The fact that it happened to be a gay guy that died is completely arbitrary and coincidental. I'm a little stunned that there's this attitude that, you know, we can't interrupt a gay romance, as if we haven't done exactly that with straight romances.”

Kim Zimmer on her return to ONE LIFE TO LIVE
"I'm definitely not trying to step on anybody's toes or take anybody's airtime, by any means. And I've been made to feel very welcome. Erika called me three times before I agreed to the role, just to put a little bee in my bonnet about how fun it would be to work together again. She was very terrific and supportive. But I understand the fans. There are people on the show like Ilene Kristen [Roxie] who would love to be working more. I just think it's a sign of the times at OLTL that the producers and writers are looking for ways to shake things up."

VIDEO: Barbara Windsor on Peggy Mitchell and her Bristol panto
Former EASTENDERS star Barbara Windsor will be starring in pantomime at the Bristol Hippodrome this Christmas.

Responses: Do you know anyone who still watches daytime soaps? Did you ever watch them?
Dayton Daily News readers answer the questions.

LIFE UNEXPECTED creator: CW had us broaden the show
Liz Tigelaar insists it's still the same show, just with more conflicts and characters — not to mention a ONE TREE HILL crossover. "I could tell tales about Baze and Kate and Lux and Ryan the rest of my life and not get bored," she says. "The CW would kill me and cancel my show, but I seriously could."

HBO renews BOARDWALK EMPIRE after a big season premiere
About 4.8 million watched Sunday night, the biggest HBO launch since DEADWOOD in 2004.

People’s Choice Awards Will Give More Choices
The People’s Choice Awards, sponsored by Procter & Gamble, is giving the public a chance to select additional categories to honor favorites in movies, television and music.


  1. If Reid had been a straight character, I'm pretty sure he would have had sex prior to dying to save captain cardboard.

  2. What funeral? Nancy didn't get one. Neither did Reid.

  3. Someone tell Jean Passanante before she writes a storyline with gay characters she should study the DECADES of films, television, and literature where the gay characters commit suicide, are murdered, die, and/or essentially are punished for being gay. Nice that she puts her idiocy out there for all to see.

  4. You know, I almost bought it for a nanosecond. Bless you for putting it into perspective. Does Lady GaGa now need to take over Daytime in addition to the Military!?

  5. @Nelson - I'm hoping Lady Gaga decides to take on saving the Liberace museum in Las Vegas next. If not Gaga, then Linda Dano!

  6. @ Mo - that is right on the money. JP's cavalier attitude continues to blossom. They made Luke behave like a vestal virgin while Vienna was having sex in a hospital room and Barbara and Henry were swinging from chandeliers.

    They had a death - Nancy, and if she had been given her proper due rather than the one episode cop out they gave us they wouldn't have needed another one. Thanks for pointing that out Robb. I thought CGs 'Helen didn't want a fuss' was a cowards way of saying 'we need more time for Avalon castle.'

    @scottact I doubt JP will be writing any gay storylines soon. OLTL bailed on their gay characters and they aren't likely to be back. But it is good advice regardless. Like penance for sins committed. What should she have to do for all the Juicy Janet storylines?

    @Nelson - I'm glad it was only a nanosecond. I was rolling my eyes when I saw the headline.

    @ Damon - has anyone ever seen Linda Dano and Lady GaGa in the same place at the same time? Makes you wonder...

    Side note on 2nd story - I am amused that OLTL fans are rebelling against KZ. I wonder if JP pushed to bring her over or was it Fronsie? I enjoyed Reva in her heyday, but I found one of the only benefits of losing GL was not having to see Reva cry to hard or laugh too loud five days a week. It was impressive in the fountain 20 + years ago, but by 2009 it was old. Hopefully so is more restrained on OLTL.

  7. Jean Passanante is delusional.

    I don't have anything against Kim Zimmer, but I am disturbed at the stream of new characters. I am sadden to realize TPTB believe the legacy cast is incapable of delivering ratings.