Friday, September 17, 2010

NEWS: Grieving TV Shows, Kathryn Hays, Elizabeth Reaser

Why we grieve for deceased TV series
Julia Keller of the Chicago Tribune writes: "A TV series possesses a uniquely insidious power, one that's rarely acknowledged because it's altogether too obvious. The characters get under your skin. The prospect of life without them seems drabber. Dimmer. Grayer. In a world beset by large and complicated real-life ills, there's something faintly ridiculous, I suppose, about wailing over a TV series. Yet, at the same time, it's borderline cool to discover that we can still feel for fictional characters, that our imaginations are still in good working order."

Kathryn Hays faces end of the ‘World’
“How many talk shows can one person listen to? How many reality things is one person going to pay attention to during the day?” Hays wondered. “What (networks) don’t understand is that there is a connection, a comfort, a stability that people are hungry for because everything around them is so unstable.”

Goodbye to World Turns, to Oakdale, Bay City, and Springfield
Over the years the little town of Oakdale, Illinois was joined by villages on the P&G soap map created also by Irna Phillips and Agnes Nixon. Bay City, Springfield, Henderson and Monticello were all small towns that happened to be big cities too. Everyone knew each other, but the towns had international airports, beaches, rivers, docks, world class billionaires, surgeons, and lawyers, and a few working class families.

fter a bidding war, ABC has nabbed the Darren Star-produced dramedy based on Kim Gatlin's book "Good Christian Bitches." The show is described as "Desperate Housewives in Dallas." It centers on Amanda Vaughn, a recently divorced mother of two who, to get a fresh start, moves back to the affluent Dallas neighborhood where she grew to find herself in the whirling midst of salacious gossip, Botox, and fraud.

Religion, Morality, and the Death of the American Soap Opera
For those interested in the relationship between religion and American popular culture, the soap opera has been a fascinating case. Soap operas, like most media marketed to women, have long been preoccupied with right and wrong.

ITV: Launching CORONATION STREET social networking game available on Facebook‎
According to License Mag the objective of the game is to build, populate, manage and grow Coronation Street and a wider Weatherfield over time. There is a competitive edge to the game, as players go head to head in different challenges. Players must use their existing knowledge and understanding of what builds drama to aid them in scoring top points.

Elizabeth Reaser, Lili Taylor Join THE GOOD WIFE
Executive producers Robert and Michelle King reveal that Reaser, 35, will play Tammy, a sports writer who will serve as a new love interest for Will (Josh Charles). Taylor, 43, will play Donna Seabrook, a possible romantic foil for Kalinda (Archie Panjabi).

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