Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NEWS: GOOD WIFE, Clementine Ford, Ann Williams, Craigslist

The Kids are All Right: Ann Williams stories keep bubbling up
The impact of Ann Williams is still being felt and her legacy continues to shine bright.

GLEE's post-Super Bowl episode: Springsteen or Michael Jackson?
Word on the street is that, in GLEE's post-Super Bowl episode, the McKinley High kids will be singing either the songs of Michael Jackson or Bruce Springsteen.

P&O Cruise Ship Sails Into Aussie Soap NEIGHBOURS
P&O Cruises, part of U.K.-based global travel group Carnival, is being featured in two episodes, which air on Wednesday and Thursday this week in Australia. The international company will get more bang for its buck when the episodes are aired in the rest of the 50-odd countries in which NEIGHBOURS is screened in the coming months.

Fox’s LONE STAR: The Coroner’s Report
While there’s always an outside chance Fox brass will show a rare degree of patience and give the series still more time to find an audience, LONE STAR's fate is likely sealed. Rather than spend the coming months obsessing over plot lines and ratings point, Killen –along with the industry’s critics, many of whom devoted significant ink to hyping the Texas-based drama—will inevitably use that time to obsess over something else entirely: what went wrong?

CONFIRMED: Clementine Ford exiting Y&R with Thad Luckinbill
They will leave Genoa City together on November 5.

THE GOOD WIFE gets more complicated in Season 2
As Julianna Margulies points out, "I think what the Emmy nominations at least did for us was allow us to get a little more complicated, a little more sophisticated and a little darker."

Craigslist TV puts human face to Internet postings
Opt-in buttons on postings allow people to let Brownstone Entertainment documentary filmmakers peruse the real ads — 1,000 a day at times — and they find real people to follow with cameras and document their journeys for a web series.

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