Saturday, September 25, 2010

NEWS: CORRIE's 50th, Patrick Duffy, Sean Kanan, Adirondack

CORONATION STREET goes into 'lockdown' to stop 50th anniversary story lines leak
Even the show’s actors are not privy to the nature of the story lines. The only thing known is that a tram will crash onto the street.

"We're actually being given scripts with just our own parts in it. We don't read the other people's parts,” original cast member William Roache said.

Patrick Duffy excited about DALLAS remake on TNT
"They're going to do a pilot. It will be centered on the younger generation but they have been in conversation with Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and myself to sort of anchor and add a pedigree to it. I've read scripts when they've tried to do films of it and they were absolutely horrendous and this is actually a brilliant script. It'll be surreal if we actually end up playing those parts and going back to Texas and South Fork. I'm 60 years old now and I started Bobby when I was 28. It'll be surreal but it'll also be enjoyable, Larry and Linda are my dearest friends ever in the world"

Sean Kanan takes comedy show to Staten Island
"I'm very fortunate. I don't just work in soap operas. I've done 12 films and I take what I do very seriously, but not so seriously that I can't poke fun at myself."

ALL MY CHILDREN's Christina Bennett Lind on the return of Erica Kane
"I am so excited. Having her presence and energy back on set is really exciting. And as far as the role goes, I think it's kind of amazing how she comes back ... I think she's gonna get into trouble….well maybe not trouble. But [in] people's business right away. And I think that's the most fun to work with her on that stuff because ... Bianca tries to keep her mom in line once and a while."

'Adirondack Affair' all about soaps
Alexandra Roalsvig, director of tourism in Long Lake, organized "An Adirondack Affair," tapping into relationships she built while working 17 years as production assistant on AS THE WORLD TURNS. She moved last year to Long Lake, where she grew up. The event will feature Martha Byrne, Ellen Dolan, Yvonne Perry, Fritz Brekeller and Tom Casiello.

Lindsay Lohan out of jail on bail
judge granted Lindsay Lohan bail Friday night, overturning a decision earlier Friday that sent the actress to jail until a probation revocation hearing four weeks away, a court spokesman said.

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  1. I'm excited about the Dallas remake, they need to include the original cast or it won't work. That show defined the '80's my generation. I'm not a fan of these remakes, because they don't include the original cast or mock the original. I hope they have the theme music. Hawaii 5-0 did pretty good at keeping the theme music, hope they bring back the theme music. They just don't understand that those were different times back then. Since were not an oil country anymore, guess Ewing oil will be obsolete. As the country song says: My first love was Daisy Duke in them cut off jeans.