Sunday, September 5, 2010

THE BAY Reaches Kickstarter Goal!

Congratulations to THE BAY! As of today at 12noon, EST, THE BAY achieved its goal of raising $15,000 in order to produce the "explosive" season finale. 

As of today, 109 backers made this effort possible.  Many of these supporters we recognize as We Love Soaps readers and for that we want to thank you.  At We Love Soaps we have been counting down to the September 15th premiere by taking with Mary Beth Evans and Lane Davies, Matthew Ashford, and are looking forward to our talk with Nicolas Coster.  

The good news about the internet and new web series are their ability to tell new and compelling stories with actors you love, and no network interference. But in order to sustain these efforts, it more necessary than ever to show support so they can sustain the creativity and talent that makes the work possible.  We Love Soaps readers have demonstrated their commitment to honoring and preserving the continuing story format on the web.  Now sit back and get ready, because THE BAY is starting soon, an it is going to rock! Until then, enjoy the "confessions" by going to website for THE BAY.

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