Saturday, August 7, 2010

WE LOVE SOAPS TV 1.62 THE BAY Fundraiser #1

On Episode 1.62 of WE LOVE SOAPS TV, Stephen Seidel goes on location to the recent fan fundraising event party for THE BAY at Henry's Hat and speaks with several actors from the show including Mary Beth Evans, Charles Shaughnessy, Lilly Melgar, Nadine Stenovitch and John Littlefield.

If you are in the New York City area and would like to be in the audience during a taping of a future episode of WE LOVE SOAPS TV, email us at [email protected] and we will keep you posted on our upcoming schedule.

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  1. The interviewer is really good on camera, very comfortable and easy to watch, but it was sort of bad that he didn't know who these actors were, even asking what was your characters name. Maybe he should have someone prep him before he approaches these stars

  2. Fun interview, but with Mary Beth there's always something to talk about. Anxiously awaiting seeing the Bay. I have a feeling this might cement the genre on the web....

  3. I loved watching the interview! I love Mary Beth Evans...always have, so it was a treat to watch her here. It was also fun to watch Charlie interviewed with her, since I've never really seen them interviewed together.

    They were right, though. I didn't like the Shane and Kayla pairing.

    Love Charlie. Love Mary Beth. Love Shane. Love Kayla.

    Didn't love Shane and Kayla together.

    I do look forward to watching them work together on The Bay, though, along with Matt Ashford and Martha Madison and Lane Davies.

    Top of the line cast on The Bay...I can't wait to see what the show is like. I hope it's good!

  4. Awesome interviews! SO excited for this show

  5. I love seeing Charles and Mary Beth again. Waiting to see them soon.

  6. i dont like the interviewer....he didnt know charlie or mary beth's history as actors.